How would you feel if you were watching Indiana Jones and he stopped, looked at the camera and asked you to help him solve one of his clues? That’s what your child will experience with My Amazing Pen Pal!

My Amazing Pen Pal is an interactive adventure that immerses kids into the story of a treasure hunter as he explores new countries, through weekly videos, online content and personal correspondence.

With a new activity posted every day of the week, there’s always something new for them to learn and explore.

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Ignite your child’s imagination all month long as they help Greg find treasures while learning social studies, history, language and problem-solving skills.  All in a kid-safe environment using a desktop or mobile app.

Parents love it!

More importantly, kids love it!

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Weekly Episodes

Follow Greg in a new episode each week as he learns about traditions, foods, and the culture of the country that he’s exploring.

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Daily Content

There’s always something to do! A new activity, game, gallery, journal entry, or clue is added every day of the month! Kids can test what they’ve learned with quizzes and send messages to Greg whenever they want.

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A collection of printable crafts, recipes and activities for each country are shared throughout the month and are great for  family nights and homeschooling!

Where is Greg going?


Kids will join Greg in learning about China, Egypt, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. What an adventure! 

Questions? Drop us a line!